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Hi, I’m Laura. I started Long Buckby Pottery around 3 years ago but due to work commitments the pottery was put on hold.

A quick note while we’re here, I work in Guilsborough full time as a bookkeeper. Some of you might see me on my bicycle going to or coming from work. A big thank you for your patience to anyone who meets me.

Working so close to home is now giving me the opportunity to get back into making pottery and this year, with the help from the amazing volunteers from Long Buckby Green Spaces, we made a lot of progress. For the past few months we have been digging and testing clay from Cotton End Park. We are now working on developing a system to process the clay in bigger quantities than just a few buckets. We are nearly there.

All the posts you have seen so far on our Facebook and Instagram pages has been part of learning to process the clay and developing glazes to suit. This is an ongoing process.

You will be able to purchase our pottery from our website and local craft fairs. 

Please see our Events page for information on where you can find us.

Thank you for your amazing support!